What Probes do I Need?

What Probes do I Need?

When most of our users start out with our platform, they primarily begin with A/C testing, then expand into furnace testing, so I will start with the required probes needed for A/C to start, then add additional probes required for Heat Pumps and Furnaces. These kits are the minimum requirement for the Guided Workflows and Vitals Score.

Required A/C or Heat Pump Cooling Probes:

measureQuick Basic Kittm 

  1. Low Pressure
  2. High Pressure
  3. Suction Line Temp
  4. Liquid Line Temp
  5. Outdoor Air Temp
  6. Return Air Psychrometer
  7. Supply Air Psychrometer
  8. Return Air Static Pressure (RESP) Manometer*
  9. Supply Air Static Pressure (SESP) Manometer*
*One dual port manometer can be substituted for probes 8 & 9 however it can only display Total External Static Pressure (TESP). It cannot isolate supply and return measurements, rather it calculates the total  difference between the two.

Optional mQ Basic Kit Components:

  1. Electrical Multi-meter capable of measuring Power Factor

Required Heat Pump Heating Probes:

mQ Basic Kit plus the following:
  1. Vapor Line Temp*
            *Can also be used in cooling mode on the Discharge Line

Required Furnace Probes:

  1. Return Air Temp Probe (from Basic Kit)
  2. Supply Air Temp Probe (from Basic Kit)
  3. Static Pressure Manometers (from Basic Kit 8 & 9*)
  4. Incoming Gas Pressure Manometer
  5. Manifold Gas Pressure Manometer
  6. Combustion Analyzer

Optional Furnace Probes:

  1. Induced Draft Pressure Manometer
  2. TEC DG-8 Manometer for Combustion Air Zone (CAZ) Pressure Testing.*
    *Fieldpiece, Testo, and Yellow Jacket probes are not sensitive enough for this measurement.

Additional Tools for Partner Programs:

  1. TEC TrueFlow Kit with DG-8 or DG-1000 Manometer

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