The difference between QBits & FreeBits

The difference between QBits & FreeBits

The difference between QBits & FreeBits


QBits are prepayment for services. They are not refundable to the customer (except in California). QBits do not expire, however, the account can be abandoned after 60 months. QBits are sold by MCS online at face value (1$=1QBit) and through authorized distribution. QBits sold through distribution may be refundable by the distributor- but not us. Contact your distributor to find out if they accept QBit refunds.


FreeBits are essentially coupons. FreeBits expire 90 days after the award date (meaning purchase date or date given). FreeBits are automatically always used first before QBits are charged/used. Digital value is 1QBit = 1 FreeBit. Cash value is 1$ = 1,000 FreeBits.

Updated on April 8, 2020
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