ServiceTitan (v2) Integration with measureQuick

ServiceTitan (v2) Integration with measureQuick

ServiceTitan® (v2) integration with measureQuick

Obtain your Tenant ID

  1. Confirm that all admins and technicians have a company address in their ServiceTitan profile.
  2. The ServiceTitan admin ONLY, Click Settings, Click Integrations, Click API Access
  3. Copy your Tenant ID (see below)

4. Login to the Virtuoso Portal with an account that has Company Administrative permissions.

5. Click Company in the left navigation menu, then Click ServiceTitan

6. Paste your Tenant ID in the associated field and click Save.

7. Email with you Tenant ID and Company Name.

Connecting your Client ID

  1. measureQuick will confirm via email the Tenant ID connection.
  2. Once the Tenant ID is confirmed, log in to your ServiceTitan account.
    1. Click Settings
    2. Click Integrations
    3. Click API Application Access
    4. Click Connect New App

3. Follow the prompts to connect the accounts.

4. Once saved you will be provided with a Client ID and Client Secret from ServiceTitan

5. Copy and paste them into the associated fields in Virtuoso

6. Configure tags in ServiceTitan (optional). Instructions on how to connect tags is found under the ServiceTitan tab under your Company in the mQ Cloud database.

7. Match ServiceTitan users with measureQuick users. (Essential for new account setup) For each user in your company, choose the matching user from the drop down box in the ServiceTitan column then click Save under the list of users.

8. You can also customize which job status’ from ServiceTitan show up in measureQuick for your team.

Using measureQuick HVAC Mobile App with ServiceTitan Integration

  1. In ServiceTitan, dispatch a job to a user.
  1. Open up the mQ HVAC app and find the card “Dispatched Tests”

  1. A list of ServiceTitan Projects that have been assigned to the tech that is logged in to mQ marked as “Dispatched”, “In Progress”, “Scheduled” or “Working” shows at the top of this view ordered by distance.
  2. Choose the project you wish to work on.
  3. Choose the type of mQ project you wish to perform.

6. Select the equipment you wish to work on (if previously saved to measureQuick) OR Create New System.

  1. Accept the fee of 5 QBits to unlock the system and all Premier features by tapping Continue.

    Note: The system will remain unlocked for the next 365 days, so unlimited additional projects can be made to service this equipment. Learn more about Premier services here.

  1. A pre-populated mQ project is created with customer information provided by ServiceTitan.

  1. Finish gathering data and taking system measurements.
  2. Tap ‘Save To Cloud’ icon on the top right to save data to the cloud and send the most recently generated PDF to the job on ServiceTitan. Alternatively, you can Exit & Sync the project by choosing that option when leaving the project.

Alternative method of saving PDF to ServiceTitan

  1. From the Home screen, Tap the “+” Action button in the middle toward the bottom of the screen.

  1. Tap “Save Snapshot” to save the current set of data.
  2. Tap “View” to view the test results.

  1. On the test view page, tap “SHARE”.

  1. Choose the “Save to ServiceTitan” option.

Viewing Reports Sent to ServiceTitan

  1. On the job that was selected in measureQuick HVAC, click “History” on the left menu, and tap the “Sync Changes” button next to the user profile to assure the ServiceTitan record is up to date.

  1. Click “Photos & videos” then click the “PDF” text.

  1. View any saved PDFs that were saved to the job.

Updated on July 7, 2022

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