Sample Reports

Sample Reports

mQ Sample Reports

 Vitals Score Report

• mQ Pro Report

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    • Sample Reports

      Sample Reports mQ Sample Reports • Vitals Score Report • mQ Pro Report Updated on August 30, 2022
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      How to configure PDF Reports Want to learn how to change your settings on your pdf reports? Make them lighter for easy printing or add your company logo. Find answers by watching this video. How to configure a pdf report for an unlocked project Need ...
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      Quick Start Guides Here are links to the most up to date guides on measureQuick as well as reference material. Links to the measureQuick Quick Start Guides (print single sided) • Start a Project v2.1 • Visual assessment and Probe Placement v2.1 • mQ ...
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      How to connect a BluVac gauge to measureQuick The BluVac gauge does not connect to the measureQuick app directly. We wanted to avoid redundancy between the two apps, so instead, we created a way for the BluVac reports to filter into the measureQuick ...
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      Welcome to mQ2.5! Here’s what’s new! 2.5.130 Release notes Version 2.5.130 was released Wednesday, March 20th, with the following new features: JB Climate Class wireless probes support Yellow Jacket YJACK wireless probes support View Gauge & ...