mQ 2.0 Release Notes (What's New)

mQ 2.0 Release Notes (What's New)

measureQuick HVAC App: What’s New


  • Support for new Testo 550s, 550i, & 557s digital Manifolds
  • Auto connection of the electrical meters in the electrical section
  • Use the same ServiceTitan or HouseCall Pro dispatched jobs for multiple projects
  • Updates to company-wide settings
  • Unit not operational checklist and report
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes


  • Optimizations to saving to cloud
  • Updates to various Bluetooth tools
  • Updates to gas heating workflows
  • Bug fixes throughout the app


  • SmartAC Integration
  • Sauermann Combustion Analyzer support (App Store Update required)
  • Many bug fixes and improvements to the app


mQ Version 2.0!

  • New system diagnostics added
  • Geothermal workflows added (BETA)
  • Updates to gas boiler workflows
  • Optimizations made to photos
  • Optimization of app start-up
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • View Release video here:

Learn about the new user experience and user interface for measureQuick by tapping the video above! Please give us feedback at


Bug fix update

  • Fixed issue where Sporlan Pro/R probes would register an erroneous value
  • General app optimizations and minor bug fixes


Bug fix update

  • Fixed issue where “Disable Startup Connect” when set to ON would cause app to go to a white screen on start


We released an update today with a fix for an issue caused by the latest updates to Google Maps. This also contained very minor updates to styling and additions to subsystem review.

  • Fixed issue with maps loading correctly
  • Added electrical utilization and better user interface to subsystem review


Our latest release is out! Here’s the latest features and changes in the measureQuick HVAC app.

  • Support for Testo 915i
  • Automatic Bluetooth Tool Connections on start-up (This can be disabled in Home > Settings)
  • Optimizations to diagnostics
  • Various edits and modifications to improve the user experience

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