Housecall Pro integration with measureQuick®

Housecall Pro integration with measureQuick®

Enabling the connection

  1. Start in Housecall Pro by logging into your Housecall Pro Account as an admin
  2. Confirm that all admins and technicians have a company email address
  3. Go to the Housecall Pro App Store and find the measureQuick App Card

4. Enable measureQuick

Activating Housecall Pro in measureQuick

  1. Login to with an account that has Company Administrator permissions.
  2. Click Company on the left navigation menu, then click on Housecall Pro
  3. Click Connect with Housecall Pro and log into your Housecall Pro account
  4. Account is connected! For each user in your company, choose the matching user from the drop down box in the Housecall Pro column then click Save under the list of users. 

Using measureQuick HVAC Mobile App with Housecall Pro Integration

  • Create a job in Housecall Pro and assign it to a technician.

image blurred for address security
  1. Open the measureQuick Application

  • Find the Dispatched Tests section on the homepage and you will see active jobs dispatched to you.
  • Select the site you're at.
  • Select the Project type.

  • measureQuick will look for existing equipment, but if there is none, select “Create new system”
  • The tech will be prompted to unlock the workflow for 5QBits.
Geotag Equipment and Job Site information will pre-populate into measureQuick.
  • Technician will complete diagnostics, photo documentation and any other work in measureQuick.

  • Any photos taken in measureQuick will be automatically uploaded as an image attachment to the Housecall Pro job.
measureQuick App

Housecall Pro dashboard

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Save Test In/Save Test Out is how to save the measurements (temperatures, pressures, etc.) that will appear on any type of report.
  • When the technician is done in measureQuick.. they have taken pictures and saved Test In and/or Test Out. They are free to Exit, then Exit & Sync to Cloud. -This will save equipment information and backup the job to our cloud for future visits to that site.

In the event of failed connection to the cloud, the technician can Exit & Save to Device. Once back in cellular service, they can reactivate the project and save to the cloud.
  • Reports and images will be saved to the Housecall Pro job under attachments

  • To view your company’s saved projects in the measureQuick Cloud database, log into and click “Projects” in the left hand menu.
Need to set up an account with Housecall Pro? Maybe you’ve looked over the integration and think it would work for your company. Click here to get started.

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