Getting Started with mQ HVAC

Getting Started with mQ HVAC

Getting Started with mQ HVAC

Download and install the measureQuick® HVAC on an Apple or Android Device. (mQ does not currently support Windows based software)

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Data can come into mQ via two methods, live through a Bluetooth® connection and app sharing. Bluetooth is the preferred method as it provides the best user experience, but it is not always possible for all tools. Click here for a full list of supported tools.

Measurements pulled off wireless tools.

High Pressure: High pressure, low pressure

Line Temperatures: Suction, liquid, discharge and vapor (heat pumps)

Air Temperatures and humidity’s: return, supply and outdoor

Low pressure: Gas inlet, manifold, draft, CAZ, TESP, RESP, SESP

Total External Static Pressure: Return and supply

Combustion: Stack temp, combustion air temp, oxygen, excess air, CO, COaf, Carbon Dioxide, gross efficiency, net efficiency, dew point.

Airflow: CFM

Electrical: Volts, amps, watts, power factor, incoming voltage, low voltage, flame rod micro amps, thermocouple, polarity, combustion mfd, combustion blower amps, indoor fan mfd, indoor fan power factor, indoor fan watts.

Duct Leakage

Logging-In & Setup

Enter the information on the login screen. This will give you access to the appropriate projects based on what email is provided (For example: If your employer uses measureQuick Virtuoso, use your work email in order to be linked to your works projects). Accept the User License agreement by scrolling to the end and tapping “accept.”

Checking Permissions

After logging in, look for the icon in Figure 1.2. Tap “Check permissions”

If the user is enrolled in any utility programs or work program, they will find them here.

Figure 1.2

Updated on March 31, 2021

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