BluVac Integration with measureQuick

BluVac Integration with measureQuick

BluVac Integration with measureQuick

The BluVac Integration with measureQuick is accomplished through an app-to-app communication scheme. In the mQ app, if you go to the Toolbox > Data Sharing Tools > BluVac System Evacuation App and choose Activate. This will enable the BluVac integration. This will then make a BluVac card in the mQ project which you can use to open the BluVac app. Once this is done, you’ll see an option to send the report to mQ in the BluVac app after the evacuation is complete. Here is a step-by step tutorial:

1. Activate BluVac in the mQ Toolbox

2. Start Testing and use the AC Installation Workflow

3. Click Use BluVac App

4. Run BluVac Test and View Results

5. Click Share and Send Data to measureQuick

6. View results in mQ and the report will be attached to the mQ Pro Report when you’re ready to generate it.

Updated on March 8, 2023

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