Accessing measureQuick Cloud

Accessing measureQuick Cloud

Accessing, building and using the measureQuick Cloud database

The web address is where you can view live data streams, add technicians to your account, add QBits, and view Projects saved to the cloud. Login to this using Google Chrome or Safari. Your password is the same as that for measureQuick! You can create new accounts for your employees too.

Create a company account

In order to use Premier Features of the app, a company admin will have to create an account and build the company around it.

Required Action Items for a company account.
  1. Add Users - Under the Users tab in the left hand menu.
    1. If a user already has an existing mQ account, click Send Invite. This will send an email to that user inviting them to join your company. Have them open their email and click "Accept."
  2. Complete your company profile and add QBits. Under the Company tab...
    1. Complete your company profile including image, address and phone number.
    2. Click on the Billing tab and set up your QBit account. Learn more here.
  3. Connect your CRM. We are integrated with Housecall Pro and ServiceTitan®.
    1. How to connect to Housecall Pro
    2. How to connect to ServiceTitan


Company settings in the mQ Cloud

   There are settings that you can freeze for your company and disallow technicians to change on their own. Under Company click Company Wide Settings. This will display the below screen.  If a toggle is greyed, that indicates a setting can be changed by anyone in the company. When a toggle is green, that indicates the company has set a parameter and a technician is not allowed to change it.
   In the example below, the company has enabled and frozen the Report settings so pdf report will display an image of the technician in a circle. This is a setting technicians will not be able to change. The company has decided to leave Report Choices up to the individual technician, therefore the toggle is grey.


TestTracker is where a lead technician or service manager will review live data streaming from the field. It will display all active streams within the company.  Data streaming is initiated by the technician in the field and there must be an internet connection.


Under the Projects tab is a complete list of all the projects that have been saved to the company cloud.  If you use an integrated CRM, then these same reports will be saved in the CRM and you can use the measureQuick cloud as a backup. Projects are indexed and searchable by Site and Equipment Names.

What the icons in Projects mean

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