measureQuick 2.5 Release Notes

measureQuick 2.5 Release Notes

Welcome to mQ2.5! Here’s what’s new!

2.5.130 Release notes

Version 2.5.130 was released Wednesday, March 20th, with the following new features:
  1. JB Climate Class wireless probes support
  2. Yellow Jacket YJACK wireless probes support
  3. View Gauge & Measurements button on start screen
  4. Updated hotkey with descriptions of each option
  5. Support for ACCA certificates in heating modes
  6. VSP Updates for ACCA
  7. Start project on the cloud with ServiceTitan or Housecall Pro and then finish in mQ
  8. Many UI/UX improvements
  9. Bugfixes

2.5.0 Release notes

Released October 2023.

New Guided Workflows

These are step-by-step guidance on what to do next and keep you focused. We listened to the features you requested and spent the last 6 months redesigning the interface to simplify our workflows. measureQuick 2.0 is still the same and you can exit the Guided Workflow and go to 2.0. All your measurements are captured in all workflows.

IMPORTANT: There are some major differences in the Guided Workflows for Install vs. Service

Differences in the new Guided Workflow Install vs. Service

      Install is now a single Test Out at the end.
  1. Start with Indoor measurements and data then complete the Outdoor measurements and data,
  2. Test the system: Diagnostics, Electrical measurements (required, direct capture or enter manually), and Benchmark are  ALL FREE
  3. Unlock Premier services to see the Vitals Score, Stream your live measurements, generate the final report and save everything to mQ Cloud and access it for free for a 1 year.
      Service is similar to the original 2.0 workflows, Vitals Score Test In and Test Out at the end.
  1. Start with Indoor measurements and data then complete the Outdoor measurements and data,
  2. Test the system: Diagnostics, Electrical measurements (not required), and Generate the Vitals Report (no score) are ALL FREE     
  3. Then confirm if you are continuing with the repairs OR Not.
  4. If continuing, Unlock Premier services to see Vitals Score continue with repairs, Benchmark, Save Test and generate the Pro report and save everything to mQ Cloud and access it for free for a 1 year.
  5. If the client chooses Not to perform the repairs, there are no repairs or it’s a maintenance visit then generate the Pro report and exit.

Guided Workflow Tutorials on YouTube

Update on Electrical Meters

We improved how the meters auto connect to the app when needing to take measurements.  
  1. Once the meter is mapped in the toolbox mQ it auto connects – the meter must be ON. We remind you to turn it on just before needing it. 
  2. We now capture ONLY the Evaporator or Condenser measurements depending on where you are in the workflow (indoors or outdoors).
  3. The Install Guided Workflow requires electrical measurements (direct capture or enter manually)
  4. The Service Guided Workflow does Not require any electrical measurements. We highly recommend capturing the measurements – it’s used to calculate SEER, EER and fan watt draw of the system.
  5. This is cool, the +Plus Button has a Lightening Bolt that allows direct access to the full electrical section anytime! 
  6. NOTICE: Once the test is Saved, the Outdoor measurements are cleared. They are saved for the report, but if you continue with diagnostics and repairs, the outdoor measurements will need to captured again. This only effects the outdoor measurements. 

ACCA Verified Equipment Operations (VEO) certificates

Introducing ACCA’s new Quality Installation (QI) certificate program, powered by measureQuick
  • Verified HVAC equipment & system performance 
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Data-driven, third-party verification
  • Documented proof of performance for your customers
  • Monitor measured results to improve operations and profitability

Verified Equipment Operation (VEO) certification is earned when a new HVAC installation meets high standards in areas including:

  • Airflow
  • Refrigerant charge (for air conditioners and heat pumps)
  • On-rate combustion (for furnaces and boilers)
  • Electrical
ACCA QI Certificates can be configured and generated at the final step of your measureQuick projects.

What Does ACCA Quality Installation Certification Cost?

All HVAC professionals are eligible to earn Verified Equipment Operation and Verified System Performance Certificates.

ACCA Quality Assured (QA) contractor accreditation and ACCA members will enjoy substantial savings on certificate fees. BONUS - QA accredited contractors will receive 20 certificates (gratis) each year of their accreditation. That’s the entire accreditation fee… in certificates… each year!

Only for Early Adopters: Join now and receive complimentary certificates for any qualifying equipment or system installed in 2023!*
*All you'll pay is the 5 QBits per system/year

Starting January 1st, 2024, standard pricing per system (which includes measureQuick fees) will be:

ACCA Member & QA Contractor20 Gratis / year
$30 each
QA Contractor (non-member)20 Gratis / year
$40 each
ACCA Member$40 each
All Other HVAC Professionals$50 each

"Virtuoso" is now "mQ Cloud"

We’ve rebranded our desktop portal from “Virtuoso” to “mQ Cloud”. Still the same excellent platform and features, with some updates. 
  1. We’ve simplified the process to add equipment to an existing site and access to saved sites 
  2. You can pre-populate fields for ACCA VSP (Coming soon!) Certificates in mQ Cloud before starting projects

Other Updates & Improvements

  1. Better capacity calculations and a better estimated airflow with minor corrections for duct gain in unconditioned attic spaces. 
  2. SEER/SEER2 selections for profiling and approximate system performance calculations normalized to AHRI design conditions
  3. Plot bands for trending show you the current values and the acceptable range for each measurement. 
  4. Extended trending times for system troubleshooting and diagnostics. 
  5. Testo 915i convertible thermocouple support allows for a host of new mappings for precise temperature measurement in a variety of applications. 

Additional Resources

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  2. Jim's 2.5 Introduction Video
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