Using BluVac with mQ in Quick Tests

Accessed from within a project, an evacuation can be preformed by opening the BluVac app from within measureQuick to store the test results with the rest of the results in the project. Currently only BluVacs are supported in measureQuick.

From the quick test section, tap “Evacuation Test” and a quick test will open with a button to open the BluVac application. Complete the testing as normal. When complete, tap the record button and save the recording. (See below to view a video of how to connect reports) Tap “view” and “Send Back to MQ” to log the following:

  1. Evacuation Time
  2. Decay Time
  3. Ultimate Vacuum
  4. Final Vacuum after decay

The PDF report can be viewed and will be attached to the project when the submit button is pressed.

The BluVac PDF can be printed, attached or emailed.

How to connect a BluVac report to mQ

Updated on June 19, 2020

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