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Troubleshooting Unexpected Operation

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First Step: Close completely out the app & reopen to ensure use of the most current version. Always say “yes” to updates.

Restart the application. Apps are complex pieces of software and do need to be restarted periodically to clean up temporary files.

For older iOS devices, double tap the home button to display all open apps and swipe the app up to close the application.
For newer iOS devices, from the home screen, swipe up from the bottom to show all open applications and swipe up mQ.
Tap the User tab, then tap “Check Permissions” to view the permissions that are enabled for the account. If you do not see the program you need, contact the system administrator to have it added to your permissions.
Connect to the internet via cellular or WiFi. If needed to verify you are connected to the internet, open a browser and go to a web page.
Tap the Project button in the bottom tool bar and verify the correct project type. If you are not in the correct project type, exit the project and restart in the correct project type.
From the toolbox, activate the probe set, tap the probe manager, then tap each probe to map its specific function. See section “The Tool Box” for more detailed information.
Flags indicate “symptoms” of improper operation and do not definitively mean that the system operation is improper. Profiles are “educated guesses” on system operation and typically very reflective or consistent with the equipment selected. The technician should look at the symptoms and evaluate each one to verify if a problem exists. Minor faults contribute together to make major faults. If there are more than 4 minor faults contributing to a major fault, the fault cannot be cleared by the user. A green checkered flag is an indication of proper operation.
The pin was not dragged to the site location in the “Equipment Information” Section. There are independent pins for the “Job Site” and Equipment Sections.
Open the section and complete all bold black sections or bold red sections of the project. After completing this step, tap “Submit” and the section should go green. Note: on some projects photos are required for document verification like that of low income.
Red dots are an indication that the probe has lost connection with measureQuick. The last reading will be held for a short period of time so calculations can continue to be made with the last data that was available. After a number of seconds or minutes (depending on the variable being measured) the gauge needle will go to zero, and the reading will repopulate once the smart device is in range of the probe.
Updated on March 8, 2020

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