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Sensi Predict Integration with measureQuick

Starting a Sensi Smart HVAC Maintenance Project

  1. Tap the Project tab, then tap Sensi Smart HVAC Maintenance
  2. Click Continue on the Create New Project pop-up alert box
  1. This will open a web browser to login to the Sensi account portal. Login with your Sensi credentials
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the system you wish to connect to
  1. On the main equipment page, scroll down until you see the measureQuick button and then tap it
  2. On Apple (iOS) devices, tap Open (Android devices will open measureQuick HVAC directly)

Live Stream Sensi Data

  1. Once a Sensi project is started, tap Yes to Live Stream the data
  2. If on an Apple (iOS) device, choose Open to enable the Live Stream

Viewing and Taking Measurements

  1. Data from Sensi will pre-populate Project, Job Site and Equipment Information, to view and take measurement data, either use the Home tab or tap on Measurements
  1. To switch the active mode, from the Home tab, click the top left Icon under the user icon. On the Measurements page on the Project tab, click right below the header to switch the active mode
  1. Measurements can be viewed via the Project tab > Measurements list item or the Home tab
  1. Once all desired measurements are made they can be saved, tap Save Data to save the set of measurements.
  2. Optionally, tap View on the Measurements Saved pop up to view the saved data and generate a PDF of the data. Otherwise, tap Dismiss.

Submitting Data to Sensi

  1. When all data has been collected, tap Send to Sensi Predict
  1. Project Submitted! will appear once the data has been successfully submitted
  1. To Exit the project, tap Exit Project

Re-activating a Project

  1. Tap the Results tab, then tap on a project from the list
  1. On the bottom of the Project Details page, tap on Set as Active

Updated on March 23, 2020

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