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New – mQ Certified Trainer Program

June 29 to July 1, 2022 – measureQuick® has just created the mQ Certified Trainer (CT) Program. It is intended for In-House training (internal to your company) and 3rd party training (train anyone).

Currently we provide live, in person, measureQuick Certified Trainer Training in our Ohio training lab. Our next live mQ CT class is on June 29 – July 1.

In July, measureQuick will offer a hybrid online and virtual Certified Trainer Training. Complete classes online and then join several interactive classes, send us a short recording of a training and you’re a mQ CT. We’ll host a page that promotes our mQ CT’s and the mQ courses they offer.

Anyone can become a trainer. The course and all correlating materials are free. We’ll host regular trainer “gatherings” to share updated content and success stories. Trainers can charge for their workshops, measureQuick does not take any money.

If you want to be on the mailing list for the virtual or live events please send an email to Joe Medosch. Subject line “measureQuick Certified Trainer Program” Email: joe@measurequick.com

Updated on May 19, 2022

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