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Introduction to measureQuick Virtuoso™ (Remote data viewing)

Virtuoso lets you get the data you need from the field tech to the lead tech!

measureQuick Virtuoso (Virtuoso) is a web app dedicated to back-office operations, remote technical support, and quality control for technicians using the measureQuick platform.  Virtuoso offers the ability to view remote, live data from anywhere on any device that has an Internet connection. View on your smart phone, tablet, desktop, or your laptop computer.

Data can be streamed to anyone with a registered measureQuick account. If the field technician is already associated with your company account, as they stream data you will see viewable sessions appear in the “Remote Verify” tab after you hit the refresh button. Charges are bill against your corporate account. If they are not associated with your account, you can send a “sharable link” that will bill charges against your corporate account meaning the viewing party does not have to enter credit card information to view the data. The same rate applies. The shareable link can be sent via email, SMS/Text, or copied and pasted into any other type of communication application.

  • Multiple users can view the data stream at the same time
  • Viewer has complete control of the view independent of the user streaming the data
  • Viewer can see what faults have been cleared out
  • Viewer can see the diagnostic explanation, recommendation and repair
  • Viewer can see the system profile models and serials
  • Viewer can see what probes are streaming which readings
  • Viewer can swap between technicians
  • Viewer can run Virtuoso in multiple tabs if desired
Updated on June 12, 2020

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