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ICF Quick Start Guide

Logging In

Go to https://pro.measurequick.com/ to log in to your account and view your console.

Company admins will have the following features, listed below, at their disposal.

(Contact MeasureQuick if you need to add an initial admin to your company. Company admins can then create new admins for their company)

List Users (Home) Page

This is the page you will be brought to upon logging in.

From the list users page, you can search for users by email. Just enter part of or the entire email address into the search bar on the top right of the main content container.

You can also add a new user from this page by clicking the grey “Add User” button.

Adding a User

Upon clicking “Add User”, the following page will be displayed.

After entering all required user information and clicking “Add User” at the bottom, the user’s account will be ready for login with the email and password entered on the page above.

The user’s record may now appear in any future searches as well, as shown below. Clicking on this record will bring up the user’s profile page.

User Profile Page

From the user’s profile page, you can view or edit user account information, set permissions, and reset passwords.

Editing User Information

Clicking the grey “Edit” button will display a page extremely similar to the page seen when creating a user account. Here you can edit most user-specific information, aside from email address and password.

Changing a User’s Permissions

Another difference between the add user page and the edit page is the ability to change user permissions. At the very bottom of the page, you will see a checkbox corresponding to each ICF workflow that exists in the MeasureQuick mobile app. After any permissions or account information is edited, be sure to click the grey “Save” button at the bottom in order for the changes to take effect, or “Cancel” if you wish to discard the changes.

Resetting a User’s Password

Back on the user profile page (not the edit page), you can also click the “Reset Password” link to manually enter a new password for the user, in the event that their password is forgotten.

Alternatively, an admin or the user themself can visit https://pro.measurequick.com/password/reset to send an email to the user’s email address which will allow them to reset their own password with just a few simple clicks. Be mindful, these email links expire 60 minutes after being sent, for security reasons. After that, a new email must be generated, as the old one will no longer work.

Company Profile Page

The company profile page can be accessed via the “Company” icon on the side menu, or by clicking the company name on the user profile page. Here you can view and edit company-specific information, as well as add or move users into or out of your company.

Editing Company Information

Clicking the grey “Edit” button displays the following page, allowing you to edit any company information, should it change at any time.

Adding a User to a Company

From the company profile page (not the edit page), you can scroll to the bottom to see a list of user accounts currently tied to your company. Clicking the grey “Add User” button will display the same exact page you would normally see when creating a new user. The only difference is that the company field will automatically populated with your company, so you do not need to create a new one or enter any redundant information.
It is important to note: when any information is entered in any inputs below the “Create New Company” label, the “Assigned Company” select box will be disregarded. Conversely, having a value selected in the “Assigned Company” select box will disregard every input below it.

Moving a User to a Company

Also at the bottom of this page, you can “Move Existing Users”. Clicking this will display the screen below. Simply enter a domain, or a list of semi-colon separated email addresses to search for, and click “Search”. The users returned from your search will be displayed in a list at the bottom, each with a corresponding checkmark. Check or uncheck users accordingly, and click “Move Selected Users to [Company Name]”. Any user account which was checked will now be tied to your company.

Updated on March 30, 2021

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