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Cloud Storage and Restoring Projects from the Cloud

Cloud storage is one of the most powerful features of measureQuick. It allows for data to be shared amongst users in your company, the prepopulation of customer data, and the ability to steam data through Virtuoso from one user to another or even multiple users. It also provides access to the stored equipment benchmark which makes diagnostics exponentially better, and baselines employee expectation on how they should expect a piece of equipment to operate. Out primary intent is to eliminate the need of “fat fingering” in data in the field on a smart device saving you time frustration and ultimately money.

Once a project is in the cloud, going forward, all you need to do is open the project, deploy your probes, wait for equipment stabilization, examine/repair any system faults then save/print your report. On a properly operating system the entire process can be completed during the stabilization period.

  1. All measureQuick accounts come with optional free lifetime cloud storage with fee based access of stored projects, equipment photos and system benchmarks.
  2. Your cloud account is associated with the email that was provided at the time of registration.
  3. The email provided will also allow you to login at virtuoso.measurequick.com to access your cloud account and data streaming services.
  4. In order to access Premier Features you must purchase QBits for your account.
  5. Access to the stored projects is only available by unlocking Premier Features for the project.
  6. If you have an individual account, your stored projects are only accessible by you. If you become part of a company, and you are the only user, your projects will consolidate with the company.
  7. If you are part of a company account, stored projects that you sync to the cloud will be available to all measureQuick users within your company.
  8. You can sync projects by tapping the cloud icon within a project workflow at any time, or you can sync the project when it is exited.
  9. Once unlocked, a Premier Projects will be accessible to you as an individual or any in your company for 365 days without additional charge.
  10. Premier projects have the following features. (Additional features may be added without notice.)
    1. Unlimited remote data streaming
    2. Unlimited photo documentation
    3. Unlimited projects for this system
    4. Lifetime storage of the equipment benchmark
    5. Company branded customizable reports
    6. ServiceTitan integration
  11. If you do not want to sync projects with the measureQuick cloud, when you are finished with a project, just press “Exit”
  12. If you want to sync you projects press “Exit and Sync”
  13. Your cloud account can be managed by going to: virtuoso.measurequick.com
  14. Data can be reviewed remotely by going to virtuoso.measurequick.com
  15. In a nutshell, your data is yours. See the EULA for complete details. You cannot see stored data that is not yours or part of the company that you work for.

Updated on March 31, 2021

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