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Starting a Remote Verify Data Stream

  1. From the Home tab in the measureQuick HVAC app, tap the Remote Verify icon
  1. Tap Start Stream
    NOTE: All streams are automatically shared with users within the same company account. The Get sharable link option should only be used with users outside of the company.
  2. Once the stream is started, the status will become Waiting for Viewer until another user joins the data stream in Virtuoso. When a user joins, the Status will change to Live Stream in Progress.
  1. To stop the data stream, tap Stop Stream. Note: If a live viewer does not connect to the data stream, or the data is not being viewed for 15 minutes or longer the stream will automatically stop.

Viewing a Remote Verify Data Stream

  1. Click on Remote Verify to view a current list of active streams. Hit the refresh button to refresh the list.
  2. Click on a user on the list to view the Remote Verify session
  1. The active UI the user is streaming will be shown and can be navigated independently from the tech in the field.

If your browser for some reason does not show the icons at the bottom, go to view, and view “full screen”

Updated on March 21, 2022

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