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AccuTools BluVac

Connect to the BluVac+ Pro, BluVac+ LTE and BluVac+ Micro via Bluetooth LE. Record and display results, view data on a gauge or on a chart, record data, set targets and export as a CSV (comma-delimited) or formatted PDF file.

Final vacuum
1st stage finishing vacuum
3rd stage roughing
2nd stage roughing
The beginning of a pull down. 1st stage roughing vacuum
Set targets
Pro Gauge only: decay test with auto pass/fail feature
Monitor by time
Connect more than 1 gauge at a time

Bluetooth troubleshooting

How to connect a BluVac gauge to measureQuick

The BluVac gauge does not connect to the measureQuick app directly. We wanted to avoid redundancy between the two apps, so instead, we created a way for the BluVac reports to filter into the measureQuick app. Watch the video to find out more.

Updated on April 7, 2021

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